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About us

Design and development of ideas

Diar is a development and product design study, that join the engineering with functional design. We take a proyect from the idea to its manufacturing. We count with a 10 years experience in the industry. We execute differents proyects: on the automotive industry, P.O.P, entertainment, graphical and architectural. We also develop and manufacture models, prototypes and pre-series of any kind of products.

Our metodology


Plan. The designer and the client set together expected targets.

Concept & proposal

Search. We define the focus of the project, build different design options that fits with the program


We start to turn the idea into a real product. We set productive processes, tools, components, technological and economic rentability


Real ideas. We develop a functional model, according to the project. Shape, function and technology


Test and fail. Pre series, we biuld a cupple of models, then the materials are tested. The standars are established with the providers, colors, graphics and final cost


Reality. We define the packaging, graphics and product user manuals. The final product documentation is done to standardize processes so we can proceed to patenting and legal records

Our services


Based on the needs of each company, we build a strategic plan covering consulting services, dump in a schedule of activities and objectives. We resolve from searching and applying a conceptual idea to the management of a production factory. Diar is support and link in the chain of activities in a company. It operates as a satellite around the needs in a timely manner.


It seeks to respond to the needs of a project struts, optimizing time stage raised in a schedule as they are usually short-lived projects.
Meetings are flexible and depend on the specific needs which arise and of progress in agreed stages.

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